Peter’s Story

Happy Child

My Nurse Chases Me When I Take Her Camera!

Jambo! My name is Peter and I don’t know how old I am. I do know that I survived most of my life by picking through the trash of Kitale. The only things I had were my little brother, Dan, and my little sister Angeline. I worked hard to find food for them to eat. I would do without to make sure Angeline had something to eat. One day when I was looking for food a man came and asked me if I wanted to live at an orphanage. He told me that I would have a home there with food and other children like me, and have a safe place to sleep. I told him that I had always dreamed of such a place, and that I would like to live there, but only if Dan and Angeline came with me. He told me he would work on making a place for us. The man did not come back for a long time. As I waited I lost hope, and believed that places like this existed only in the dreams of children like me.

Then one day the man came back and said I  would now get my new home. I now live at with Dan and Angeline, and lots of other happy children.

The village nurse has a camera. She taught me to take pictures. I try to take good pictures for her.

I Hope You Like My Pictures!


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